Our Office  specializes in all aspects of labor law. Within this specialization, our Office represents both employers (including some of the largest companies in the Israeli economy as well as international organizations which operate in Israel) and employees – regarding the various aspects relating to labor law in Israel.

Representation of Employers

The Office provides ongoing legal counsel and representation in the various issues arising from employment– from the stage of hiring employees and drafting contracts, through their employment and up to overseeing employment termination procedures (including hearings), this also during organizational changes and/or retrenching.

Our Office provides an effective and up-to-date solution on issues which may arise now and then in the field of law and adjudication and which relate to employment and retirement, while directing and implementing the changes that are required of the employers in view of the changes in the law.

The Office provides consultation in all aspects that relate to the interface between corporate Law and intellectual property in the field of labor law. The Office provides advice to employers in matters relating to the preservation of the rights of employees during changes of ownership, mergers and other business transactions between companies as well as consultation relating to the limitation of activities, the preservation of non-competition and protection of trade secrets.

Our Office is highly experienced in the management of complex litigation cases with respect to diverse issues which arise from the labor law, including employee-employer relationships in all the labor courts. We invite you to look up some of the cases we handled successfully, in order to get an impression of our capabilities.

Providing Consultation and Carrying out an Inspection Pursuant to the Law for Enhancing the Enforcement in the Field of Labor Laws

In view of the legislation of the Law for Enhancing the Enforcement of Labor Laws, 2011, our Office established a unique inspection team which carries out a comprehensive and meticulous inspection in organizations with respect to its meeting the requirements of the law.  This inspection is offered to all our clients, but also to organizations and employers which are not currently served by our Office.

This enables the organization to receive an external and independent opinion from an entity that does not accompany it on a current basis. After carrying out the inspection, a comprehensive report is produced , reviewing whatever problems were discovered and offering practical recommendations with respect to the changes that are required in order to reduce the violations and meet the requirements of the law.  Thus, the risk of finding probblems by the inspections which are carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Industry are reduced as well as the risk for the personal responsibility and exposure of the directors of the organization (including debts arising from employment through a service contractor, the employment of youth, the Women’s Labor Law etc.).  So far, the inspections has been extremely successful in its activities, and employers who decided to use this service reported a significant reduction in the lawsuits of employees, a significant financial saving and, of course – the prevention of financial sanctions and administrative fines from the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Representation of Employees

Our Office provides regular consultation for employees exercising their rights vis-à-vis their employers, including consultation in employment agreements and in retirement agreements. We oversee hearing procedures closely prior to dismissal and handle litigation and overall legal representation, including the filing of claims and injunctions before the Labor Court in cases of gross violation of rights by employers in Israel and abroad.

Representation of Employees whose Employers Undergo Liquidation or Bankruptcy

Our Office has many years of experience in the representation of large groups of employees whose employers faced procedures of liquidation, stay of proceedings and bankruptcy. In these cases our Office begins by filing a request for liquidation / bankruptcy in order to maximize the employees’ rights vis-à-vis the liquidator, the Administrator General andOfficial Receiver and the National Insurance Institute of Israel to which the debt claim of the employees is filed. Advocate Erez Reifenberg is frequently appointed, by the district courts, as a Special Administrator who examines the debt claims of the employees in situations of liquidation / bankruptcy.  Thus, the Office is well versed in this field.