Regarding commercial law, our Office represents a variety of Israeli companies that are engaged in commerce in the field of electricity and electronics, retail and infrastructures.

Agreements- Ongoing Consultation in Commercial Contracts

The Office provides current legal consultation with respect to the preparation of commercial agreements, to the establishment and the registration of companies and/or partnerships, and it accompanies purchase transactions and joint ventures – from the stage of negotiations and the execution of due diligence, through coping with business and regulatory requirements and ending with the completion of the transaction.

The consultation and the legal overseeing of our Office are characterized by providing personal and close attention to the changing needs of the clients and their specific circumstances, implementing the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years and striving to minimize the legal risks and maximize the business advantages.

Complex Litigation

Our Office has special expertise in the field of litigation based on the rich experience of Advocate Reifenberg, with respect to legal litigations in large and complex cases.  Our Office represents companies in large-scale civil and commercial disputes in the various courts with respect to financial and civil lawsuits including contract lawsuits, confiscations and lawsuits which involve aspects of torts vis-à-vis insurance companies.

The lawyers from our Office appear in all the courts, commencing with the civil courts and the district labor courts and ending with the Supreme Court and the National Labor Court.  In addition, it represents clients in mediations and arbitrations.

Routine Legal Consultation in the Establishment and the Liquidation of Corporations

Our Office accompanies the activities of private and public companies, partnerships and associations which operate in a wide variety of fields of activities – from the stage of foundation – the establishment of the corporation and its registration at the Registrar of Companies, Partnerships, and Associations through all the current activities, including drafting the agreements of the founders and the partnership contracts and ending with handling the proceedings of liquidation and dissolution of the entities.