Levin-Sela, Reiffenberg, Law Offices and Notary, is a quality boutique office which specializes in all the aspects in the field of labor law and commercial-civil law.

Our vision is to provide professional, reliable and effective legal services to our clients.

Our rich experience teaches us that small details create a large difference and that every client is entitled to a high-level of service. 

From the Early Days – More Than 40 Years of Legal and Personal Excellence

Our office is an inseparable part of a widespread legal dynasty. The office was founded by Adv. Ora Levin-Sela in 1974, following in the footsteps of her awe-inspiring late father, the retired Judge Israel Levin who was President of the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce, served as a High Court Judge and Vice President of the National Labor court. Adv. Levin-Sela and her staff worked tirelessly helping both commercial and private clients in matters of labor law as well as commercial and civil litigation. Her son, Adv. Erez Reifenberg, joined the office and now leads and manages the office with great success. The legal and personal qualifications of Adv. Reifenberg , third generation in the legal family, enable him to develop, lead and manage the office, maintaining the high professional and personal standards. Adv. Levin-Sela now acts as legal advisor to the office and assist in the promotion of our vision.

Our Clients – From Leading Companies to Private Clients

We are proud to serve all our clients, whether commercial groups, foreign conglomerates or private clients, giving them comprehensive legal services of the highest standard. Our office offers legal advice and representation and our lawyers appear in the various courts in Israel representing our clients in a wide range of subjects, negotiations and business deals.

Our clients include some of the leading companies in the industry, both in the public and private sectors, including the media, electricity, electronics, retailing and infrastructure. All this, as reflected from the exposure our office received in the media and verdicts given in cases our office represented our clients successfully.